I can get on with my life!

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I can’t change what has happened, but I can get on with my life!

Karen with her daughter, Daniella

Karen Daniels, a mum of two from Auckland, was 41 when she received her diagnosis of advanced breast cancer in 2015.

“When I heard the diagnosis I couldn’t understand how this could be happening to me. I was young and fit. I was a regular at the gym, training six days a week for power lifting competitions.

“My life and my world turned upside down.

“Shortly after my diagnosis I found I had to give up my job in health and safety. I tried to go back part-time but it was physically too challenging to continue. A full mastectomy and eight months of chemotherapy, and radiation – were exhausting.

“I found Sweet Louise at just the right time. I love the Sweet Louise member meetings and find that connection is so important.

“I find the meetings give me hope and inspiration. We can all say what we want in a safe environment. I’ve been enjoying the Facebook group too. In our Sweet Louise community, we can just be ourselves with others who understand exactly what we are going through.”

“I also find Sweet Louise helps me process and make sense of what I am going through.

“This time last year I struggled to just walk up and down my driveway. Then I took part in the METS programme at Auckland Uni, which I loved and recommend.”

“The programme provides an exercise plan that helps increase stamina, strength and confidence. The programme helped me transition to gym training and powerlifting.

“Now, for me it’s all about recovery and rehab – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m back at the gym about six days a week. I’ve even started powerlifting and am blessed have joined a powerlifting team called Valkyrie NZ. Valkyrie NZ is New Zealand’s strongest and only all-female powerlifting team coached out of Cage Barbell private facility.

“Valkyrie NZ focusses on strength, inside and out, as well as empowering women through a holistic strength and fitness lifestyle.

“I know that building strength and fitness will take time so I want to just keep moving forward and make each day count.

“I’ve also recently enrolled in AUT to complete a post grad in sport, exercise and health, which I’ll start in March.

“My perspective is so different now. We all live with the reality the cancer could come back at any time. But I want to make the most of my time, be positive and
focus on the things I love.”

“We Kiwi women are resilient. I can’t change what has happened, but I can get on with my life.”