Stand Strong 4 Sweet Louise

Not in our wildest dreams did we imagine this. The past 24 hours has been nothing short of incredible.

We’ve seen the most amazing outpouring of love, of community spirit, of pure generosity, and we’re just in awe of this wonderful community. It’s safe to say, it’s a day none of us here at Sweet Louise will be forgetting any time soon.

Together we absolutely smashed our target – we raised $220,261. Never would we have imagined aiming for a target like this – but, thanks to our amazing community, here we are.

Thank you. Your donation means such a lot. You’re helping Kiwis navigate one of the darkest times in their life. Please don’t underestimate how important that support is.

Thanks to everyone who donated, who called on their loved ones to do the same, who shared our posts, and played whatever part they could.

Raising this amount of money didn’t seem possible until it was done. But we’re so incredibly pleased we have. We’re looking forward to the work ahead to upscale our support team so they can reach even more women who are facing a terminal breast cancer diagnosis, and to offer them a lifeline and a way forward, to support them when they need it most. In so many ways that once daunting task now seems easier today.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.