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Please Provide Urgent Support to Women with Incurable Breast Cancer

A donation today can help Sweet Louise provide practical support to women who are facing the unthinkable - a diagnosis of incurable breast cancer.

How Sweet Louise make a difference

Your kind gift today can help provide:

  • One to one specialist care from a trained Support Coordinator
  • Hardship vouchers for things like food & petrol
  • Meal deliveries & help around the home
  • Precious memory-making experiences for young families
  • Group support meetings

Please give what you can today and help Sweet Louise make a differences to the lives of women with advanced breast cancer and their families.

Make a donation into our bank account

You can also make a donation directly into the Sweet Louise bank account - 12-3198-0032019-00. Please use your first name and last name as the reference (eg LouiseKind).

Please also email us at [email protected] to let us know that you’ve given this generous gift so that we can send you your tax receipt.