Sweet Louise provides practical, emotional and social support and services for New Zealanders living with incurable breast cancer. We provide the compassion and care they need to live as well as possible, for as long as possible.

Membership is free and open to all women and men in New Zealand who have received a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer.

Sweet Louise provides practical and emotional support to improve life for New Zealanders with advanced breast cancer through:

  • Support Coordinators with experience in oncology and palliative care based across the country and provide regular, one-to-one support
  • social support and creating connections through meetings, regular social events, and an active online support group
  • emergency vouchers for essentials like food and for petrol to get to hospital visits
  • a range of vouchers for complementary therapies and initiatives such as family trips or treats, that give people a boost and help create special memories and resilience

Sweet Louise makes a difference every day to over 730 members and their families right across New Zealand.

Your support can make a difference

Sweet Louise relies entirely on donations and grants from individuals, organisations, and corporations to continue its work helping New Zealanders living with incurable breast cancer. You can help make a difference today by:

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If you have received a diagnosis of advanced/secondary cancer, we can help. Please complete our registration form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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From Louise Perkins to Sweet Louise

In 2005, Scott Perkins established The Louise Perkins Foundation, named after his wife Louise, who passed away in 2004 after living for ten years with incurable breast cancer.

Louise lived with absolute positivity and went about life with cancer as a small part of living rather than as a main focus of her life.

Sweet Louise was launched in 2006 with the vision of improving the quality of life for New Zealanders living with incurable breast cancer.

Louise's story

Sweet Louise on video