Make your donations go even further!

Did you know that your charitable donations are tax deductible? Claiming your tax credit and donating it back to Sweet Louise is a fantastic way to make your donation go further. By donating your year-end tax credit to Sweet Louise, you will help ensure more New Zealanders facing a diagnosis of incurable breast cancer will get the care and support they urgently need.

Are you leaving your tax credits unclaimed?

All donations over $5 made to Sweet Louise are eligible for a 33.33% tax credit from the Department of Inland Revenue. Yet, half of all donations made to New Zealand charities are left unclaimed.

It's now even easier to claim your tax credits

Our partnership with Supergenerous means you won’t have to worry about filling in forms anymore… When you sign up, Supergenerous will claim your charity tax credits for you, on your behalf! it takes just a few minutes...and couldn't be easier.

How does Supergenerous work

You sign up

Tell Supergenerous who you've donated to in the last 4 years. They will collect the receipts for you.

They make the claim

Supergenerous is authorised by IRD to claim your charity tax rebate on your behalf.

Donate your rebate

During the sign-up process you can choose re-gift your rebate to Sweet Louise!

It takes just 5 minutes. Make your generosity go further by signing up with Supergenerous today. Thank you for your support!