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Big Smiles Colouring Competition

When Sweet Louise met with Denise recently to talk about her diagnosis, we were struck by just how bravely she continues to smile, despite all the challenges she faces. It made us think about just... Read More

Festive cheer

Thanks to Sweet Louise friends and supporters, every Sweet Louise member that we support received a Christmas Care package again this year. We are thrilled to bring this festive cheer! Plus, the packs are a... Read More

Birthday donation

Thank you so much to Mandy who donated her recent birthday to Sweet Louise. Instead of receiving birthday gifts for herself – Mandy raised $900 to help Sweet Louise support Kiwis with advanced, incurable breast... Read More

I treasure every day

When Nicole was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she was told there was hope of fighting and surviving. Then just one week later, a CT scan confirmed that the cancer had already spread to her... Read More

Super Hosts

This Sweet October, our amazing hosts and their friends raised more than $77,000 to support Kiwis living with advanced breast cancer. Thanks so much to all our incredible, caring and generous Sweet October party people.... Read More

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