ABC Global Alliance International Consensus Conference

Sweet Louise CEO, Catrin, and Head of Member Services, Lorraine, were privileged to receive grants to attend the Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) Global Alliance Conference in Portugal in November 2023.

Also on the team was Sweet Louise member, Denise, who attended as a representative of Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition and Metavivors.

At the conference there were great sessions on scientific, medical and research updates, as well as rehabilitation and the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and well-being for those with advanced breast cancer.

It was a valuable opportunity to develop international connections with others working to improve the lives of people living with ABC and to gain access to the latest medical and research themes to enhance our knowledge of patient needs and care.

Sweet Louise also contributed to a ‘hard-to-reach community’ toolkit and a workshop on communication around prognosis and end of life discussions that will formulate guidelines for health care professionals.

Following on from the learnings gained at the conference, Sweet Louise aims to:

  • Improve our service to current and future members, ultimately reaching more people, including specific strategies for reaching and engaging with younger age groups.
  • Improve our profile and presence as experts in managing social aspects of ABC, demonstrating the importance of quality-of-life indicators in managing overall patient wellbeing.
  • Connect globally with support agencies to share expertise and resources for social, emotional, and financial support for those with ABC.