In memory of Hilary

“When my friend Hilary was diagnosed with breast cancer she researched, questioned and then threw herself into her treatment with determination,” says Denise.

“After an initial period of remission, it was devastating to find her cancer had not only returned but had spread throughout her body. Faced with a terminal diagnosis, Hilary continued to fight the cancer with everything she had, while still working and living life to the full.

“Sweet Louise was an integral part of her journey, contributing considerably to her quality of life. The support Hilary received was generous, practical, compassionate and accessible. She thought the world of Sweet Louise.

“Hilary contributed to the Sweet Louise cookbook as a way of giving back. She also travelled to Wellington to speak at a Select Committee Hearing. She, along with others, presented a case to the government for life-prolonging, advanced breast cancer treatments to be funded by Pharmac.

“The petition was successful and has helped make a difference for hundreds of women with advanced breast cancer.

“But it too late for Hilary to benefit.

“I wanted to help Sweet Louise in some way and honour Hilary’s memory. My employer generously pays for us to take a trip away after ten years of service. I was due to take my trip, but Covid prevented that happening. So instead, I asked that the money be donated to Sweet Louise in Hilary’s memory to make sure others with advanced breast cancer receive that same care.

“Hilary’s life was enriched by the support she received from Sweet Louise. My life was enriched by having Hilary as my friend for twenty years.

Photo: HIlary & Denise