September: Wellington News from Elva

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Sept2014 Wellington PictureIt was wonderful to see you so many of you at the August meeting, including new members and our new CEO Fiona Hatton from Auckland.

Our guest speaker was Cathy Davys (Vivo – Hair and Beauty Service Provider). Cathy shared how her career started as a hairdresser and her journey along the way to become a successful hair dresser and beauty business owner 39 years in the making – very inspiring!

Chemotherapy, menopause, fatigue and illness in general takes its toll on one’s hair, it’s either falling out, or thinning out. On a recommendation from Cathy, several members have been using a treatment called “Nioxin” to restore hair strength and volume and nourish their scalp before and after chemotherapy. Cathy and the members are seeing the benefits of using this treatment on their hair.

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