September: Mid Central News from Geraldine

Winter is certainly upon us with gusto! The Manawatu has thus far experienced reasonable winter weather, however on the day of our meeting there was a biting cold wind along with rain so it was great to join those who managed to venture out at the lovely warm Cooperage café. We enjoyed delicious warm savouries and much lively conversation aiding to the warmth of the room!

We are all enjoying the beautiful magnolias that are busy blooming their gorgeous flowers and decided that the variety Vulcan is particularly spectacular.

A local florist was selling three bunches of daffodils for $5 (bargain!); daffodils bring such a burst of sunshine at this time of year so many of us headed off to claim a few bunches for our living rooms.

Currently there are some great movies being released so if you fancy heading to the movies why not use your vouchers to purchase some tickets. We have heard that you certainly get a few laughs with the Mrs Brown’s Boys movie.


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