Sweet Louise is my sense of purpose

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Scott and Louise

“Sweet Louise is my sense of purpose,” says Scott Perkins, Founder and Chair of Sweet Louise. “I founded Sweet Louise 16 years ago after my dear wife Louise died of incurable breast cancer.”

“We started with an idea. We had an inspiration. There was a gap. A gap to provide practical and emotional support. Because every oncologist will tell you those patients who have the right emotional support, the right balance of hope and reality will lead a better quality of life.
“As well as the emotional and social support delivered by our team of Support Coordinators around New Zealand – our team of angels – Sweet Louise provides practical support through Care Vouchers for women to use in whatever way they need.
“Meal deliveries because I just can’t bear the smell of cooking right now. A wig because I don’t want the stares. A family photograph because I want a smile to be remembered. A gardener because I cannot bend down anymore. A counsellor for the kids because they need support too. And so much more.
“I am very proud of all we achieve, and we couldn’t do any of it without the support of the New Zealand public. Thank you so much.”