Sinda – 8 years of making a difference

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SindaHall_CroppedI have worked at Sweet Louise as the Senior Support Coordinator since 2006. I am often asked what I love the about role, well here goes…

Although every day is different, I always finish work knowing that I made a difference to someone’s life today. This may involve being a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, or helping people by offering some information or advice about support services. In doing my job, I try to remember that our Members are never diagnosed alone – their diagnosis affects their spouse or partner and family and friends as well. Their whole world has been turned upside down.

Most importantly, I have learned so much from our Members, such as how to find the silver linings in every situation, see the beauty of daily life and how to notice things I have often been too busy to enjoy. It is certainly a rewarding job that has changed my appreciation for life.

Your care helps make sure Support Coordinators like Sinda can reach the hundreds of women and men living with secondary breast cancer.