Your Christmas spirit is a blessing

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Your Christmas spirit is a blessing 2At our annual Christmas event, we welcomed Jeremy Taylor as our guest speaker. His wife Jaime was a Sweet Louise Member who passed away in 2013, leaving Jeremy a single dad of three. He spoke of his struggle since her death; dealing with a lot of anger and feeling his self confidence slip away.

He says now, two years later, that “watching his girls grow, hearing them laugh and giggle makes my soul sing again. It is tempered a lot though, knowing there are milestones that Jaime longed to see, longed to contribute to, and be there laughing
with them. There is significant sadness in knowing that not only does Jamie miss out, but also the girls miss out on having such a wonderful mum.”

Jeremy says his experience brings into sharp focus what is truly important in life – to live, to laugh, to love. A big thanks to Jeremy for his honesty and openness in sharing his and Jaime’s story.

As well as the privilege of hearing Jeremy’s story, we were thrilled that the event raised over $15,000. This will be used to support Members like Jaime to live as well as they can for as long as they can. For many of our Members, Christmas is a difficult time as they try to create special memories for their children to hold on to. Working with our Members, we are reminded every day of how precious life is and your support is keenly felt by all of us at Sweet Louise.

Our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for 2016.