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Imagine that this is your last Christmas. Imagine wondering if this might be the last summer you have to spend time with your family. You would want it to be really special wouldn’t you?

For Sweet Louise members, these thoughts roll around all too often. Living with incurable breast cancer means living with the knowledge that your life is now drastically shortened.

With your help, members can have a truly special kiwi summer.

Simply send a donation of $25, $50, $75 or even $100 and you will be doing something incredible.

This time last year Krystal was facing Christmas under a fog of chemotherapy.

She had recently been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at the young age of 34.

Use to the sunshine and the familiar surroundings of her home island, Niue, Krystal moved her young family to Auckland to undergo treatment.

From September through to April this year, Krystal went through chemotherapy and radiation treatment to try and rid her body of cancer.

Krystal was working at the Niue Crown law office as a solicitor until her breast cancer diagnosis and had to stop work to manage her health full time.

After a biopsy in May this year, Krystal was told her cancer had turned inflammatory. Her oncologist declared that she had stage four, incurable breast cancer.

“I cried my heart out”, says Krystal.

“It was scarier than my initial diagnosis. Despite my positive thoughts and efforts to beat my cancer, my world was turning cruel and bleak.”

“I felt like I had let my kids down. They were one and two years old. The ‘in sickness and in health’ part of my marriage had come way too early for my husband ‘Ofa and I. We all cried.”

“The day of my diagnosis was the darkest day of my life”.

At Sweet Louise, we can’t take Krystal’s cancer away, but with your help we can bring some much needed brightness back to her these holidays.

Your gift of $25 will provide a nutritious meal to a member and their family. $50 will help with cleaning and gardening services. $75 will provide a wig for a member who has lost their hair to chemotherapy. $100 provides a special outing for a family this summer.

“Sweet Louise has been a blessing and at times I am awestruck at the generosity of the charity… they help me forget about my cancer.”

“The idea that others care enough to treat us to things we wouldn’t otherwise do on our own is amazing.”

You can bring joy to Krystal and hundreds of women living with incurable cancer these holidays.

Please, give your gift now to help a member like Krystal this holiday season.

“Last year I ended up in hospital just before Christmas. This year, the holidays are all about making memories with my loved ones, especially with my kids”.

You have the opportunity to make this special time truly special for women and men in New Zealand living with incurable breast cancer. We hope you choose to give and share your kindness this season.

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Fiona Hatton


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