Service Provider Star: Green Acres

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For many of our Members, every day household jobs can become difficult. Thanks to one of our lovely Service Providers, Green Acres and Hire-A Hubby, our Members don’t have to stress about getting the jobs done.

One of our Members says, “There was a point where I couldn’t even change lightbulbs and I also desperately needed my bathroom painted. Bill from Hire-A Hubby fixed the lightbulbs, did the painting and everything else on my list. It was such a huge help and it took a weight off my shoulders.”

Green Acres and Hire-A Hubby have been a Service Provider since the beginning and are an important support for Sweet Louise Members.

CEO Logan Sears says, “Our organisation chooses to support Sweet Louise because the relationship is a tangible one. It is the ability to make a real life, visible difference to their members that appeals to us.”

From household jobs to mowing the lawns, Green Acres and Hire-A Hubby help make life easier for our Members. Thank you Logan and the team for everything you do