October: Mid Central News from Geraldine:

“Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonder where the birdies is?” is a little tune I like to hum. Spring has arrived and hooray to warmer weather coming our way.

Members enjoy Sarah Carswell's amazing creations
Members enjoy Sarah Carswell’s amazing creations

We enjoyed delicious food at the picturesque Birdwoods café in Hawkes Bay and great conversation. We were joined by Jay Cattanach of Abella Beauty Clinic who has undergone specialised oncology skin care training. She has lots of lovely treatments available and uses skincare products that are very gentle and free of any perfumes. We were all lucky enough to receive a gift pack of these products to try. Many of our members have enjoyed their treatments with Jay and thoroughly recommend having a treat! I look forward to our next meeting at the end of the year.

In Palmerston North we were joined by Sarah Carswell, a Costume construction diploma student at Toi Whakaari in Wellington. She brought along two costumes that she had made, a dress of the Elizabethan period and an outfit of a Duke’s finery (as pictured). There was incredible detail of the clothing, the more ornate and elaborate they were was considered a display of one’s wealth. In Tudor England, the Earl of Leicester paid more for one item of clothing in his wardrobe than Shakespeare paid for his house on Stratford-upon-Avon! Can you imagine it! We were aghast at the layers of underwear, usually five layers of petticoats and of course the laced up corset that all fine women wore! We all decided that we tend to take costumes for granted but they really do bring the story of shows and plays to life.

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