October: Mid Central News from Geraldine

In Palmerston North we enjoyed a lovely morning tea and then we were ‘at it’ again being creative with card making. From the various bits and pieces to hand it was incredible the array of fantastic cards that we produced, and how nice it is to give a card that has been made with care and thought. We certainly appear to be a talented bunch so I do hope you can join me at next month’s meeting where we will be making candles. If you have an old glass or dish that you may wish to use, please do bring it along. Please note change of venue to the lovely home of Estelle Bennett, 109 Park Road.

In Wanganui we enjoyed a delicious morning tea at the Fluffy Duck café by the Virginia Lake despite the absolutely ghastly weather!

In New Plymouth we chatted the morning away at the great café The Bach. It has a cosy retro theme, great food and you can enjoy watching all the boats and ships arriving in the port. They have a quote of the day which made me smile -“Eat dessert first as life is so uncertain”. Wish I could have told my Mother that when I was young and told to eat my vegetables before I could have dessert!