Messages of care and hope

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Thank you for opening your heart to women facing the reality of the Covid crisis, incurable breast cancer and caring for a family. Your generous donation will bring much-needed support and relief at this challenging time.

These messages of hope and care will be shared with Karen and other members like her. Your kindness and care has the power to lift spirits – and will!


Hope this gives some support with reducing the worry of meals for your family. Like Louise, try doing something positive for yourself most days in amongst the trials, tribulations and challenges. Arohanui xox




Thank you for all you do for these women & their families.


Love and best wishes to you beautiful strong women who keep going when life gets tough.


Kia Ora whanau. My beautiful Mama passed away after a 6 week cancer journey. My aroha to you all and your whanau. What wonderful support Sweet Louise gives. I would like to maanaki you all. Arohanui Airini


Keep positive as you deal with this issue. We are all praying for you and good days ahead.


May this gift go some way to helping you have the support you need as you fight your courageous battle against breast cancer.

Annette’s Beauty Clinic

Know that you are not alone.


You’re an inspiration. Pleased I can make a small contribution to help Sweet Louise provide the support you clearly value.


Kia Kaha and best wishes


Wishing you and your families all the best with this small gift. Truly admire your strength and courage.


Karen, you are amazing. Such an inspiration – thank you for sharing your story