May: Mid Central News from Geraldine

IMG_8485 resizedIt seems that we have been given our first taste of winter! Brrr the last few days have been rather chilly to say the least and I have dusted off my electric blanket. We gathered at the Cooperage Café armed with material, ribbons, buttons, lace and lots of creative thoughts for the ‘dressing’ of our Sweet Louise ‘chicks’. The chicks will adorn the track for the Mother’s Day 10k for 10k fundraising walk on May 10th.

We enjoyed our coffee and muffins and then it was down to work choosing designs and colour combinations.

As you can see we think we created a couple of very well dressed ‘gals’ and we certainly had lots of fun and laughs.IMG_8483 resized

The fun run is on the 10th of May at the Centennial Lagoon. The race starts at 9am with the fastest runners crossing the line at about 9.45am (gasp- that won’t be me!). If you fancy helping congratulate the participants as they cross the finish line please do come along and you can present them with their medals. We will ensure there is VIP parking for you so I look forward to seeing you there!