June: Auckland News from Sinda, Sally and Jana

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Ecostore BagsIt was great to hear from new Service Provider Shelley Simpson who shared a little about the digital recording that she can do, helping Members to produce their own DVD complete with sound and a photographic record. Shelley also said she might be able to help with other digital creations such as snap fish book making.

We also heard from Kaytee Boyd who is a Nutritionist and Natural support and stress Practitioner. Kaytee has her own clinic and a special interest in how people living with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments can keep as well as possible. Kaytee also arrived with a box full of Ecostore gift packs for Members thanks to the generosity of Ecostore.

Not even one cup of coffee was had at the last North Shore Members meeting, but there was quite a bit of tea con-sumed and some of it was green. It was a very cosy meeting with everyone relaxing and chatting over a cuppa. We tasted a range of T2 teas with the all out favourite being “Fruitalisious” and the “Green Rose” coming a close second. Nice to go home with a sample of a very special tea “White Ginger” from T2 and a gift bag from Ecostore.