July: Mid Central News from Geraldine

Palmerston North Meeting 1It’s official, winter is here! As I write I have the fire roaring as the lovely mild days we have been having now seem to be over and we have had a few cracking frosts.

We have been lucky here in the Manawatu without much wind, so have been treated to a feast of glorious autumnal colours that the trees have been able to hang onto.

We gathered at the Cooperage for our Mid-Winter Christmas lunch. The weather was atrocious, however the company certainly made up for it and we warmed the air with lots of chatter and laughter! What a fine bunch we are, as pictured!

Our tables were adorned with lovely flower displays. Despite the time of the year, it is amazing what you can find in your garden to throw into a vase, as the saying goes “a house without flowers is like a face without lipstick”.

Lunch provided by the lovely staff at the Cooperage was delicious as always. I look forward to seeing you at next month’s meeting.