It meant so much to me

Photos from top left: Aurora with her new cup. Isabella feeding the giraffes. Sandy with her three grandchildren.

“It meant so much to have my family with me to share this beautiful experience,” says Sandy from Christchurch, who recently had a special family day out thanks to supporters like you.

Sandy has three children and three grandchildren. Her son lives with her, and her granddaughter lives with them part of the time.

“When I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer – it was a really hard time. I find I tire easily and sometimes feel low. But I try to be positive. I encourage myself to get fresh air every day. I try to enjoy life and enjoy each day. I want to do this for my kids.

“My son is always there for me on my worst days, and he takes care of me as best he can. I’m lucky to have such protective and caring children. It’s heart wrenching to see how my cancer affects them. But I tell them: ‘I am still your mum. Don’t stop ringing me if you have a bad day.’

“We recently had a wonderful Sweet Louise Family Time experience at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch. You should have seen the look on my granddaughter’s face as she fed the giraffes and the lemurs!

“We spent part of our Family Time allocation at the supermarket so we could take a picnic with us for the day.  We even used some of our allocation at the gift shop. I managed to get toys for my grandchildren and my son and daughter got a memento too. My family wanted me to buy something for myself, but since having terminal cancer, memories like this special day out matter so much more to me than material things.

“I got quite emotional going around the park. I felt overwhelmed that people had been so kind to us. To all the Sweet Louise donors and supporters – I simply cannot thank you enough.”