Imprint of love

The Imprint of Love by Timmy Smith
The Imprint of Love by Timmy Smith

Waiheke-based jewellery designer Timmy Smith has created a special piece for Sweet Louise called The Imprint of Love.

This beautiful piece of jewellery also delivers love and support in the form of a 50% donation to Sweet Louise from every item sold.

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Timmy says: “The heart within this piece is black, not for grief but because it is the colour that absorbs all, that radiates warmth from the littlest of light and that represents the depth and placement of the heart. A reference to both Louise and the legacy that followed.

“By pressing the pendant between forefinger and thumb, it ignites sensation and marks this tiny action that releases a world of memories and feelings and leaves you with an elevated heart.

“Sweet Louise imprints its heart within the thousands of people it serves each year – it allows their people to feel alive, and gives support, yet space, to find ways to create their own imprints and legacy.

“I have been wanting to create a special range for Sweet Louise for years now but have never been able to put my finger on what would be appropriate to represent this incredible woman and the charity that has been created because of her… until now.

“Through my work I had the honour of meeting two of Louise’s sisters and her parents. They kindly commissioned me in 2014 to create commemorative pieces for their family to mark the 10-year anniversary of her passing.

“Each family member gathered items that reminded them of their beloved daughter, sister, aunt. From here I was able to create individual pieces that honoured their own personal connective with the woman that they loved and adored.

“A few years later in 2017 I was approached by Sweet Louise to be a supplier for their members.

“I didn’t put two and two together that Sweet Louise was the same Louise I had created for, until I went to drop off my application form and Janet, Louise’s sister, was there. Since then, I have been a very proud and true supporter.

“I never had the pleasure of meeting Louise, but I did have the privilege of touching and hearing the memories their nearest and dearest hold for her and have felt the effects of what has come from her life since.

“Louise imprinted her charisma and light in all she did and within the people she met, and that love is present in all who knew her.

“I’m happy to support Sweet Louise and know it means the world to the many individuals and families who benefit from the services of Sweet Louise.

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