I love being with these strong, inspiring ladies

Robyn Autridge finds it inspiring to help as a volunteer with Sweet Louise. She’s one of the many volunteers who help support our members living with incurable breast cancer.

“A few years ago I saw a TV show interviewing women of all ages, talking about their lives and situation they were in with themselves and their families. I thought what wonderful strong ladies they were. Then at the end of the show the name of Sweet Louise came up asking for volunteers.

“I immediately emailed Sweet Louise to say I want to help. I just thought if I could do something to help or to ease what these ladies were going through, then I would be happy to be there.

“As a volunteer, I drive local women to Dove House Hospice and also to Sweet Louise member meetings where I also help make and serve the morning tea. I’ve also helped by talking to the public about what Sweet Louise does and the difference they make for New Zealanders with incurable breast cancer. I’ve also helped with collating and posting newsletters.

“I have now come to know many of the members personally. What I enjoy most about Sweet Louise is knowing I can be there for the members. I just love being with these beautiful, strong, inspiring ladies. I feel humble to be there and be reminded how very lucky I am with my own health.

“I know the ladies really enjoy the meetings and chatting to each other. My helping at the meetings allows the Support Coordinators to focus on talking with the members, rather than having to think about who needs a cup of tea – I am there to make sure they are all happy. At many of the meetings there is often a speaker or someone teaching a craft, which I get to enjoy too.”

When she isn’t volunteering, Robyn enjoys being with friends, outdoor bowls, playing Mahjong, as well as pilates and walking.

“I know life has its ups and downs so I keep a positive attitude and enjoy life as much as I can. I love being with friends. I love helping and giving back – that brings me so much happiness.”

Sweet Louise would like to thank Robyn and all our volunteers for their special contribution to our work and to support our members around New Zealand.

Your ongoing support makes such a huge difference to our Sweet Louise community.

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Sweet Louise relies on the compassion and generosity of New Zealanders to help us provide our essential services to women and men living with advanced cancer.