Helping is the greatest reward

Robyn Warin is one of the fabulous volunteers who support Sweet Louise and our members throughout New Zealand. We are so grateful for their support and generosity.

Robyn regularly organises and facilitates the morning tea for the Northland member meetings.

Robyn says: “I like the values of Sweet Louise. It’s all about the members, giving them the support they need. And as a volunteer, giving is amazing. It’s easy to do and easy to share.

“Knowing that I can help the Sweet Louise Support Coordinator and make a difference for our members here in Northland is the greatest reward I could have.

“I think the most important qualities for volunteering with Sweet Louise are love, compassion, diplomacy – and a great listening ear.

When she isn’t volunteering, Robyn enjoys spending time with family, especially her granddaughter, as well as making jams and preserves with the produce I grow in my garden.

“My advice for living life to the fullest would be to enjoy what is around you and be kind to others.”

Kendra, Sweet Louise Support Coordinator for the Northland region says: "“Robyn is such a rock for me and the Whangarei/Northland members. She is a solid diamond of kindness, warmth, love, and creativity. I am so, so grateful to Robyn for her help with the rapidly growing numbers in the North. She steps up to help out when I can’t be there and works tirelessly to connect and care for our members."

Thank you

Sweet Louise would like to thank Robyn and all our volunteers for their huge contribution.

Your ongoing support makes such a huge difference to members and Sweet Louise, whether you are driving members to meetings, helping at meetings or in the office, or supporting our members in other ways.