You give hope to my sister

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Page One - Moana and Charlene (1) ResizedI’m the extrovert with my head in the clouds and Moana is the voice of reason, she brings me back down to earth when she needs to.

I can’t imagine not having her in my life.

Watching Moana go through this has been emotionally devastating. When we first found out, it was all new for us. But I have to be strong because we both can’t fall apart.

Moana went to see her doctor because she was complaining of pain in her bones.

I knew something was wrong.

I told the doctor “I’m not leaving here till you get her rechecked. I think her cancer has come back.”

The tests took a few months but when she found out in hospital that it had spread, I was so glad I’d stood up for my twin.

When I heard about Sweet Louise, I thought it was so important for Moana to be amongst other people who are going through the same ups and downs as she is.

As her twin I can empathise with her but I can’t really walk in her shoes.

Moana comes home happier from Sweet Louise meetings. She comes home more inspired. The different sessions introduce her to new and different products that can make her feel better about herself. It helps to develop her ‘can do’ attitude, which is both positive and inspiring. The other Members are no longer strangers and are now lovely friends. Sweet Louise has made life easier and we really appreciate that.

To everyone who supports Sweet Louise, thank you. You bring positivity and inspiration into not only Moana’s life but