Delicious home cooking and delivered too!

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Page Two - Replacement Photo EATAfter a long day of medical treatments, the last thing a Sweet Louise Member wants to do is cook dinner.

Getting home cooked meals delivered to their home takes a weight off their shoulders and means Members can focus on recuperating.

EAT, one of our Service Providers, do an amazing job of delivering delicious meals to Sweet Louise Members.

Often the smells and process of preparing a meal is simply too much for our Members. But they are aware and conflicted knowing how important it is for them to eat quality nutrition to keep their bodies strong. So having meals from EAT makes such a difference.

“We love the EAT meals! My family is so thankful you introduced us to them. Eating good nutritious meals makes such a difference to how I feel,” says a Sweet Louise Member.

Support like yours helps Members cope with the daily stresses of living with incurable cancer. Being able to use their vouchers for meal deliveries means there’s one less thing to worry about. Thank you EAT and supporters like you for making life that bit easier for Members.