December: Mid Central news from Geraldine

Hawkes Bay

The sun shone brightly, warming the day to 26 degrees when we met at the beautiful Birdwood cafe in Havelock North for our last meeting of the year. Louise and Bruce Stobart, owners of the café, have built a gorgeous marquee out in the garden nestled in amongst some incredible sculptures that we enjoyed our morning within. The marquee is beautifully decorated with a current Christmas theme and the morning tea was delicious, generously catered for by Louise and Bruce. We certainly had lots of fun and laughter along with the many jokes that we cracked out of our Christmas crackers.

Palmerston North

We had a lovely morning at the Cooperage cafe with much tinsel and lovely flowers adorning our final meeting of the year. A request for a ‘pav’ was certainly fulfilled as we were met with the largest most delicious ‘pav’ I think I have ever had. It was delicious, slightly crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy in the middle – divine! The strawberries were very well ‘dressed’ with dark and white chocolate and they certainly didn’t last long on the plate. We also had lots of fun and laughter and those jokes from the Christmas crackers do make one smile, I wonder who makes them up? Lots of travel holiday plans were shared so I hope the weather behaves itself for the whole country so we can all relax and restore.


Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in February 2016! Ho ho ho!!!