December: Mid Central from Geraldine

Dec2014 Mid Central PictureIt was flowers galore with sweet perfume filling the air at this months’ meeting. We had all raided our gardens giving us a beautiful array of roses, granny bonnets, various succulents and freesias to name a few to transform into beautiful creations. We also had a variety of ribbons and mesh to add a bit of pizzazz which did challenge my successful bow tying I have to say. After a catch up over morning tea it was down to ‘work’! As you can see by the finished products (as pictured) we are quite a creative bunch with some very impressive bouquets and posy bowls composed. It is quite incredible all the different hues of green that various plants have and it is amazing what you can whip up with just greenery if flowers are in short supply. We all decided that no matter the finished product it is lots of fun to play around with flowers and enjoy the sunshine of nature that even the humble smiling daisy offers.

I was reminded by someone the other day that Christmas is only about five and a half weeks away and I guess the ‘silly season’ will now begin in earnest, so I do wish you all the very best for a lovely festive season with family and friends. I look forward to seeing you at our Christmas meetings!

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