David’s Round the Bays

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Congratulations to David and Grace for nailing it in the Round the Bays race in Auckland and smashing their fundraising target!

David said: “Sweet Louise has always been an important part of my life, ever since my Aunt Louise passed away with breast cancer when I was a young boy. Since that day, my family and I have been humbled to see her memory honoured by Sweet Louise’s growing good works. I always try to support this great cause. Through Sweet Louise I hope I can help all the wonderful people trying to live their lives to the fullest, just like my Aunt Louise did.

“I try to keep fit, but before this year I hadn’t run more than 100m since high school. So taking part in Auckland’s Round the Bays race seemed like an exciting new challenge for me and my girlfriend, Grace.

“But most importantly, it was an opportunity to raise funds for Sweet Louise. So we dived head first into a month of training, and came out with a great result!

“To raise funds, I posted my fundraising page on Facebook, sent it to my family and emailed my work colleagues for support. Most of the fundraising came from my very generous colleagues.

“We were stoked to raise over $1.1k for the charity! That was well beyond the goal we set for ourselves.”