Compassion comes first

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“Being a Sweet Louise Support Coordinator is no ordinary job,” says Nadine Morton, Support Coordinator for the Auckland region.

“Every day is unique. I have a background in occupational therapy and counselling and this framework helps me to support our members who are living with incurable breast cancer. We help in whatever way a member needs. I don’t always have the answers but I help where I can.

“Often women can feel shunted from hospital departments and to endless appointments with strangers. We can help them feel connected and be their anchor.

“Sometimes women can be so consumed by pain and exhaustion that even simple things become difficult. I might help a member organise an appointment with their oncologist or contact family members for them because they need support.

“Other days I might arrange a day out so women can enjoy precious time with their children. That gives the whole family a real boost.

“In this role, you need to be open and have no expectations. Every person is so different. So we need to listen and act to help.

“Working at Sweet Louise is a constant reminder of the humanity, vulnerability and the fragility of life. And that life is about living with suffering and joy.

“I absolutely love working with Sweet Louise because of the time I spend connecting with the women I support. And because compassion comes first.”