April: Wellington News from Elva

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The New Year seemed to come and disappear in a heartbeat – but haven’t we had a stunningly hot long summer?
Saturday February 21st was our first meeting for 2015 –My apologies if the change of date caused a wee bit of confusion for some of you. Unfortunately Hobson House wasn’t available on our usual second Saturday of the month. It was fantastic to see you all again and welcome two new Members to our meeting. We had a lovely relaxing lunch together, just sitting around the lunch table catching up with each other’s news and travels. Lyn whipped us up fresh tomato flans, summer green salad, finished off with fresh summer fruits and apricot cake.
Do you know about reduced car parking rates at Wellington Hospital? You need to request a form from either nursing staff Ward 5 Nth, social workers, radiation staff or onc day unit. Take the signed form (by health professional) to the man in the Wilson Parking booth (basement) next to orange lifts and he will sort out the car parking ticket for you. Then take your ticket and pay at machine as normal.