A Sweet Louise Tech Angel from Spark

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Matt McLay is Sweet Louise's wonderful tech expert
Matt McLay is Sweet Louise’s wonderful tech expert

If every non-profit had tech expert and advocate like Matt McLay, the world would certainly be a better place. Charity staff everywhere would be more connected and be able to work more efficiently. And those in need would receive help more quickly.

This is exactly what Matt is making possible for Sweet Louise. As the Principal Solutions Specialist at Spark Digital, Matt has lent his expertise to help Sweet Louise staff find better, cheaper ways of staying in touch with each other and with Members. Thanks to Spark’s policy of encouraging staff volunteering, Matt has been able to donate his time and services to Sweet Louise with the support of his workplace.

Through his tireless enthusiasm and energy for improving the way we do things, Matt has reduced the amount that Sweet Louise spends on admin.

He has helped:

  • ensure we have the best phone plans to provide Members with over-the-phone support
  • upgrade phones and laptops to make sure we can work efficiently and share information with Support Coordinators across the North Island
  • secure a new printer to reduce printing times, wastage and costs, and make sure our Members can receive up-to-date information about services available
  • connect Sweet Louise with other amazing people, organisations and services that are willing to help support the work we do

Thank you Matt. Your help means that Sweet Louise can provide better support to our Members living with secondary breast cancer. We are so grateful.