A day in the life…

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J&W_1613_TSLast week I had my first appraisal since I started working as a Support Coordinator at Sweet Louise in September last year. As I reflected on my Support Coordinator role, I realised what a varied one it is.

I often feel like I wear many hats:

Administrator – organising vouchers for our members that provide services that help improve quality of life and recruiting new service providers. Arranging family initiative payments has seen me book high class restaurants, ski field passes, shows, airfares and many things in between.

Event Organiser – arranging Members Meetings in my area and then enjoying the company of so many as we meet over a cuppa. The honesty and care that is shared at these meetings is very special, I am often humbled by how people are living their lives. We also share a lot of laughs at these meetings, which truly is a great medicine.

Call Centre Operator – taking calls on the 0800 literally from North Cape to the Bluff. Callers are often bemused to find that I’m not just round the corner from them and we check out the weather where we are. Queries range from when or where the next Members Meeting is in their area; to how to utilise vouchers; to needing information on treatments and drug regimes. If you’ve called and got me at the end of the line, I hope I have answered your queries satisfactorily or at least pointed you in the right direction.

The Support Coordinator role involves all of these things, but ultimately what I enjoy about each day is having the opportunity to be part of our members’ lives and contributing to their wellbeing whether we meet face to face or talk on the phone.

By the way, my appraisal went well!