You are told you have breast cancer. And for you, there is no cure. You are heart-broken by the news. Then it hits everyone you love.

Karen was just 41-years-old when she found out she had breast cancer. The cancer had already spread to other parts of her body – there is no cure.

“I cried for myself – and my family. How will my daughter manage without her mum?”

“My world turned upside down. I found Sweet Louise at just the right time. At any time, I can reach out to Sweet Louise and know I am not alone.”

Karen is determined to make the most of the precious time she has. With your help, we can be by her side to help make it happen.

Your donation will bring the specialist support someone like Karen needs most right now. That’s personal care and support including:

  • phone care calls
  • emergency vouchers for food and petrol
  • meal deliveries and home help
  • video calls and online support groups

Karen can tell you just what a difference a kind donation can make at the time of greatest crisis:

“There are times I can’t walk, and times I cannot even stand up to cook. Having Sweet Louise meal deliveries relieves the pressure and stress of providing for my family.”

Donate now to help us continue our support for over 750 Kiwi women and their families who rely on us for support through their diagnosis of incurable breast cancer.

“Sweet Louise offer the kind of support no one else can. They are there for me when I need to talk. At any time, I can reach out to Sweet Louise and know I am not alone.”