Meditation products specifically designed to help people foster a peaceful mind (through a self-help tool). Information about Stars of Aroha can be viewed on their Facebook page.  Sweet Louise members can email Tess and Nette at [email protected] to place an order and we will deliver free of charge within NZ to Sweet Louise members.

App – MeditatioNZ by Stars of Aroha

Also available is MeditatioNZ by Stars of Aroha app, which is based on the Stars of Aroha book and Rolling Star. Shake your phone to randomly select your daily meditation. The app is available from Google Play and iTune Store for a small cost [unfortunately not covered by Sweet Louise vouchers]. You can search “New Zealand Meditations” and then scroll down for “MeditatioNZ by Stars of Aroha” – find a sterling silver rolling star set against a dark blue background.

Nationwide coverage: Free delivery within New Zealand.

Operating Hours and Order Info:

Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm; Saturday 9am to 1pm

Phone: 021 240 4666

Email: [email protected]