Your donation today will help to provide vital peer-to-peer support meetings so women like Lynne don’t have to face their diagnosis of incurable cancer alone.

Lynne with her grandson. "My family is everything."

Lynne has lived with incurable breast cancer for 13 years.

“I have never been clear of the cancer. But treatment keeps it at bay. Throughout it all I have dealt with side effects, feelings of exhaustion, anxiety and fear. Sometimes I feel fed up with it all – but mostly I try to stay upbeat.

"Sweet Louise has made a huge difference to me. Especially the support meetings with all the other women who have what I have.

“When we get together, we rarely talk about our disease…but being able to sit with people who share your journey is so important. Those coffee mornings – oh my gosh – you have no idea what it means to be part of that group.

Each year specialist Sweet Louise Support Coordinators run over 200 meetings around the country.  Your kindness is vital to continue these meetings that provide so much hope.

“A new lady came to a Sweet Louise meeting recently. She said two words and burst into tears.

“We said it’s OK, be kind to yourself.

“Then she found out how long I and some other women had lived with our cancers. When she came to the next meeting, she was smiling and happy. She had hope.

“That’s another reason why I can’t die - there are so many people to give hope to!”

Sweet Louise is New Zealand’s only dedicated support service to women whose breast cancer is terminal - but receives zero government funding.

Everything depends on the kindness of Kiwis like you.

Covid-19 has hit our fundraising hard this year, and now these crucial support meetings are under threat.

Your donation today will help make sure that New Zealanders with terminal cancer can at least have access to a full programme of support meetings next year, bringing hope to hundreds of women across the country and their families.

 Together we can make sure women with terminal cancer like Lynne don’t lose the support they need at this most important time in their lives.