One of the most precious gifts we can give a mum with incurable cancer is a chance to make memories with her family. Your gift is backed up with ongoing support through Sweet Louise support groups, one-to-one care from a Support Coordinator, emergency support, and simply being there when things are hard.

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Your kindness and compassion will be a real encouragement to a mum like Brenda, to know she’s not alone, and has your support in making memories with her family.

Brenda (right) with her daughter.

Brenda was given a diagnosis of terminal breast cancer diagnosis in January 2021 – at the age of just 42. Brenda has a 13-year-old daughter.

“When I heard the diagnosis, my first thought was for my family. For my daughter.

"That I won’t get to see my daughter grow up and have children of her own. The thought of not being there for her, not seeing who she grows up to be, missing the big things in her life – it’s the worst feeling ever.

"That’s why I want to create a treasure trove of happy memories for her to take into her future. It is so important to spend quality time together as a family. I want to create as many happy memories as we can together, while we can."

Your Gift Voucher can be whatever gift you can manage right now in these challenging Covid times.

A gift of $50 can help give a family like Brenda’s a meal out together that they may not be able to afford because of medical bills.

A gift of $200 can help a family enjoy a day-long experience together, like Brenda’s family visit to Hobbiton, that was made possible thanks to someone like you through Sweet Louise.


Your Gift Voucher can be used by a woman with incurable breast cancer to help pay for:

  • petrol to get to hospital
  • groceries to feed the family
  • meal deliveries when too fatigued to cook
  • help with household chores she can no longer manage

You can choose any amount for your Sweet Louise Voucher. The woman you help then chooses what she needs most.