One of the easiest ways you can support Sweet Louise’s work is to spread the word with pictures, facts and video through your own social networks, or through your blog or website. This helps us build awareness and increase donations, which directly supports our Members.

How does it work?

Sweet Louise will provide ambassadors with information about current activities and upcoming campaigns and events. We’ll provide you with photos and video in an email. You can then choose what you’d like to promote in your online community.

What kind of commitment do you need from me?

It would be great if you could choose at least two campaigns or events to share over a year. This could be a blog post, Facebook mention or Tweet. Liking, retweeting and pinning content on Sweet Louise’s social media pages would be great. You could also ask your Facebook friends to like our page. The more Sweet Louise can engage audiences through your efforts, the more support we are able to offer our Members.

To get underway email [email protected]

Thank you!