Right now there are Kiwis struggling with a diagnosis of incurable breast cancer and Covid-19. Increased anxiety and the hidden costs of cancer mean many women and their families are finding it difficult to cope.

Unable to afford face masks. Isolated at home. Kiwis with incurable breast cancer and their families are in crisis. There isn’t a moment to lose.

You can provide urgent help by sending a Covid Compassion Kit to a Kiwi with incurable breast cancer.

$35 can buy a reusable, cloth face mask for a Kiwi with incurable breast cancer who faces the added challenge of a compromised immune system

$50 can buy a face mask and a pack of speciality tea to help with anxiety

$100 can buy a face mask, support for dealing with increased anxiety, plus personal one-to-one care from a local Support Coordinator.

The Covid crisis is making life even more challenging for those with incurable breast cancer. Afraid to go out and anxious about their increased vulnerability to infection, Kiwis urgently need your help.

Ainette: "We simply can’t afford extras like face masks"

Ainette is just 37 years old. The shock of her initial breast cancer diagnosis was made even worse by the knowledge that her cancer was incurable. Her breast cancer had already spread to her liver and lungs.

A mum of five young children, Ainette told us: ‘I am worried about Covid all the time. I don’t feel safe - even in Level 1. I'm afraid to go out. I know if I get sick I will end up in hospital and I don’t want that.

“The hospital gave me a few masks but the reusable ones are so expensive and I can’t sew. I’m too exhausted and can’t work anymore so our budget is tight. We simply can’t afford extras like face masks.

“My goal is to be around for my kids. I want to be around to show them how much I love them as their mum, for as long as I can.”

A gift of just $35 can send a Covid Compassion Kit to help women like Ainette. Your gift today will help Kiwis to receiver the help and advice they need to manage these most anxious weeks. 

A Covid Compassion Kit will bring the specialist care that Kiwis with incurable breast cancer need right now. That’s personal care and support including:

  • vouchers to spend on reusable facemask and other self-care products
  • personal care from a Support Coordinator
  • professional advice and support on how to manage increased anxiety
  • ready-made meal deliveries

For a gift of just $35, you can send a Covid Compassion Kit to help women like Ainette. Please make your gift of $35 today so we can put it to use straight away.