I want you to meet Elizabeth, because people like you are the answer to her question about hope.

During the COVID lockdown in March, Elizabeth went to the doctor with back pains. When her GP ordered blood tests, the results sent Elizabeth to Emergency. And the news no one ever wants to hear. Especially when you’re just 39, and mum to the beautiful family you see in this photo. (That’s Elizabeth in the back on the right).

Cancer. Stage 4. And there is no cure.

“I was in shock. I bawled my eyes out. There was no one to comfort me. This can’t be. It just can’t be. What will happen to my kids and husband?”

Through Sweet Louise, you can give a family like Elizabeth’s a reason to hope this Christmas.

Your donation can supply practical essentials like groceries for the family or fuel to get to hospital.

Your most precious help will be a Sweet Louise Support Coordinator. This is a trained specialist who can provide emotional support to someone like Elizabeth, while also looking after the everyday details that can be too much for a family dealing with incurable cancer.

Phone-calls to arrange appointments. Checking in with the medical team. Organising transport to hospital.

Elizabeth says her Support Coordinator Nadine is a blessing.

“Nadine is lovely. She calls me to see how I am and what she can do to help. It’s so nice to know that someone out there cares for me.”

That ‘someone out there’ is also you.

Sweet Louise works entirely on the generosity of people like you. With no support at all from the Government, every service to the 740 Sweet Louise members starts with someone like you.

COVID-19 has hit Sweet Louise resources hard. If we can’t raise $29,680 by Christmas Eve, we will have no option but to cut vital services further. That would be a tragedy for families trying so hard to be brave.

Your support through Sweet Louise can give families like Elizabeth’s something to look forward to:

“This Christmas, for the first time in ten years, we are going to my mum’s house for Christmas. Everyone is getting together because I am not well. All my siblings – all ten of them, and all of their kids – are coming. This is such a blessing. I can’t wait. I want to make it memorable.”

Your donation today is urgently needed to help make sure women with terminal cancer don’t miss out on the emotional and practical support only Sweet Louise can give.