The GoodMeasure Report

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Sweet Louise is very grateful for ongoing support from Due Drop Foundation, who have generously funded the GoodMeasure Report by Impact Lab.

The team at Impact Lab use data, analytics, and scientific evidence to understand the social impact of not-for-profit work and we were very excited to have their support and expertise in looking at the impact of our service delivery.

The report found that for every dollar donated to Sweet Louise, a community (physical and mental health) benefit of more than five times that amount is achieved through our service delivery.

Their research also demonstrates the total social value Sweet Louise contributes to our community is over $6,000,000. How amazing is that!

The report is particularly valuable in helping Sweet Louise to demonstrate our impact in our community to other potential funders.

Thank you Due Drop Foundation and the team at Impact Lab for your support.

Download and read the GoodMeasure Report