In October Sweet Louise designed a giant bra chandelier to shed light on those living with incurable breast cancer. Many of these bras came from your homes!

The chandelier, which was unveiled at Orakei Bay Village, was created as a conversation starter.

Sweet Louise teamed up with Claudine Nalesu, an AUT Creative Technologies student, to design the chandelier.

“I got involved in this project because it relates to my creative technology philosophy of creating projects that start discussion, raise awareness, and educates people about a topic. I loved how this project encompassed all of my creative tech skills to help a great cause”, said Claudine.

Starting back in June at Mystery Creek Fieldays, many of you started sending in your bras, with the aim to collect 600 to represent the number of Sweet Louise members.

Your bra donations continued and have come far and wide from all over New Zealand.

Jacinda Ardern, Ali Mau, Rachel Hunter and Sweet Louise ambassador, Brodie Kane, also handed over their bras as support.

“It’s sobering to think that the bras collected represents the number of Kiwis living with incurable breast cancer. My heartfelt wishes go out to each and every one of them,” Jacinda said.

Ali Mau donated one of her favourites, saying “it will be particularly nice to see all those ‘instruments of torture’ used to create a beautiful work of bra art.”

Thank you to all those who donated a bra, shared your story and helped with the project – we’re shining a light on incurable breast cancer one bra at a time.