Orakei Bay Village is a new boutique hot spot in Auckland. It’s a place for coffee, beer, clothes and excellent views of the harbour. In October, it was also the place to support, learn about and donate to Sweet Louise.

Orakei Bay Village hosted ‘Sweet Louise Week’ from Friday 13th until October 20th. A week full of support for Sweet Louise, it ran adjacent to Breast Cancer Awareness month and kicked off on the 13th, which is Metastatic Breast Cancer Day (MBC Day).

The week started bright and early on Friday, with a 6am yoga event run by coffee and smoothie bowl wonders, Bowl and Arrow. The yoga class, which was accompanied by live music and followed by breakfast, took place in the middle of the Village under our giant bra chandelier.

Many of the retailers were eager to get involved. Some of the eateries like Bird On A Wire, Ampersand and Brothers Beer created special salads, slices and cocktails with proceeds going to Sweet Louise. Others had donation boxes at the till.

Kings Plant Barn went above and beyond and turned the week into a month, asking customers to donate $3 at the till, creating café specials and an hosting eye-catching bra fence for the length of October!

Those visiting the village also had the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

A huge thank you to all the retailers and customers who got involved. You have not only helped our members today, but garnered a public awareness about secondary breast cancer which we can only hope grows from here.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to the team at Equinox and Kerry Knight, who generously gave us the use of the OBV space and supported us through the entire process.