Despite it being the middle of autumn, the day of the Sweet Louise and Lonely Lingerie collaboration saw the sun beaming, warming up the crisp air and our three brave Sweet Louise members who were about to be photographed in their underwear.

Having never done anything quite like it, Marian, Maggie and Jo, put their hands up to be photographed by Lonely.

Turns out, the day couldn’t have gone any better.

Shot in Maggie’s gorgeous backyard, our models were photographed in a range of Lonely’s lovely lingerie.

This October the photographs have been used by both Lonely and Sweet Louise to raise awareness and support for our members. The photographs have been shared on Lonely’s social media outlets and website and have featured in publications like the New Zealand Herald’s Viva magazine.

Maggie, who has gained thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments of support on Instagram says,

“I thought I might be self-conscious and embarrassed on the day but not at all … I loved the day and the lingerie … to be able to participate in something so different is one of the fantastic opportunities that being a Sweet Louise member affords me.”

As part of the shoot, Maggie, Marian and Jo courageously opened up about their personal breast cancer journeys and their insights are very moving.

“I tended to take things and people for granted and felt bullet proof. Now I see breast cancer as a gift. The reason I feel it’s a gift is, unlike sudden death, you have time to right wrongs and put things in order. I’m also grateful it’s me and not my daughters.” says Marian.

Maggie says, “It is coming up 10 years now since I was diagnosed, and I think about it every day. The day my husband and I were told at best I had a 10% chance of survival was an absolute nightmare. I wasn’t and am not ready to give up on that 10%.  My family means the world to me and I have not yet seen enough of what my two fantastic children will achieve in their lives to stop watching. There is too much to do yet.”

Jo, who is pictured wearing her “scars proudly”, says “I now know that I can’t do everything and that’s OK; I now ask for help. Belonging to Sweet Louise makes me feel special and to use vouchers on pampering is my idea of being loved no matter the fact that I have incurable cancer”.

An inspiring change to the wash of pink campaigns we see in October, Maggie, Marian and Jo are a celebration of the strength, bravery and beauty we see in our members.