When you donate a Kindness Care Voucher, you provide the care women like Amlakie need the most - whether it's transport to hospital, groceries for the family, meal deliveries, or a gift for her children.

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Amlakie and Bathany with their 'kindness quilt'.

Amlakie came to New Zealand as a refugee. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, and after treatment was given the all clear. In 2020, she became unwell again. Amlakie’s Oncologist told her that her breast cancer had spread to her liver, and that her condition was incurable.

Amlakie has a 7-year-old daughter, Bathany.

Sadly, two out of every three women who come to Sweet Louise have incomes well below the national average. As they face their incurable breast cancer, they must face the challenge of not having enough for their family’s everyday living too.

Your Kindness Care Voucher offers the practical & emotional support a woman with incurable breast cancer needs:

  • petrol to get to hospital
  • groceries to feed the family
  • meal deliveries
  • help with household chores
  • emotional support: phone / visits / Zoom

Plus, your help with a Kindness Care Voucher is delivered by Sweet Louise Support Coordinators.

They provide friendship and understanding and emotional support to the woman you help, plus, they are expert at identifying any other needs where Sweet Louise can provide support.

Amlakie and Bathany with their Sweet Louise Support Coordinator, Nadine.

You can see the impact of your Sweet Louise care when you talk to a mum like Amlakie:

“I can’t explain how much I love and appreciate Sweet Louise. How important you are. You are like my family. I never feel alone and I never feel afraid because I have Sweet Louise.

"The supermarket and petrol vouchers have been so helpful. I call when I can’t get to hospital.  I call and Sweet Louise arranges a driver to pick me up.

"Sweet Louise say call anytime you need help." 

You can choose any amount for your Sweet Louise Kindness Care Voucher. The woman you help then chooses what she needs most.

Simply choose your Voucher and donate it by 31 March, so you can claim your 33% Tax Rebate.

Your kindness is so precious to women with incurable breast cancer. Thank you.