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“Sweet Louise empowers me to live my best life.” Karen

Hearing your doctor say, ‘You have cancer’ is beyond devastating. At just 38 years old, Karen received the crushing news of a cancer diagnosis.

Amongst the terrifying devastation, there was a glimmer of hope — Karen’s results showed that her breast cancer might be curable.

But sadly, this hope was so cruelly snatched away when further test results came back to reveal something to send Karen’s world crashing down…

Karen’s cancer had spread to a point beyond a cure. Suddenly, her diagnosis became terminal.

But because of our compassionate supporters, Karen had somewhere to turn with Sweet Louise.

The support we can offer is tailored to each person—because no two experiences are the same. It could be our Care Vouchers to help pay for groceries. Or reliable transport to take women like Karen to appointments. Or the emotional support of a friend who truly understands their journey.

We will help where help is needed.

Karen shared, “I know that if I ever feel lost or overwhelmed, I can reach out to someone at Sweet Louise. They seem to understand me and meet me where I am at.

"I’ve always felt that everyone at Sweet Louise sees me for who I am—I am the person and not the cancer. It empowers me to live my best life with advanced cancer.”

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