Your donation will help mothers like Tania make lasting memories with her boys this Mother's Day. Moments of happiness and hope.

Tania and Brian with Zach, Caleb and Ben.

After being in remission for eight years, Tania started experiencing pain in her ribs. Her breast cancer had come back. And it had spread through her body – ribs, spine, lymph nodes, lungs. Stage 4, incurable.

Tania was diagnosed with incurable cancer at just 46. As a mum of three young boys, Tania was fearful.

"At the beginning, we were shell-shocked. Devastated. We were all in tears. My husband and I had to sit down with the boys to tell them what was going on.”

Tania feared that she wouldn't be around to watch her boys grow up.

Tania tells us how much she cherishes every moment with her sons:

“Each passing moment is a treasure. A mum hug, the certificates from school, the happy look on their face when they achieve something new, and especially those moments when you marvel at them while they sleep, because you created that life.

"We want to make the most of the opportunities that we have now. I don’t know how much time I have, but it’s important to me to grab those opportunities whilst I can. That’s what living my best life means to me.”

Many of the women Sweet Louise supports can no longer work. The pain and fatigue are too much. With the loss of income, most families find there is nothing left over for activities or treats.

You can change this and help families enjoy quality time together.

“Thanks to Sweet Louise, we did the Rotorua Tree Walk. We got to make memories with the boys. Sweet Louise made that possible because the cost was taken care of. Everything was magical.”

You can make a difference this Mother’s Day. Your gift will help a mum like Tania to make memories and enjoy every minute they can.

Tania can tell you just what a difference a kind donation can make:

“When you first hear the diagnosis of terminal cancer, your world closes down. But then there’s this kindness that steps up to the plate – and it is Sweet Louise.

"Sweet Louise has been a ray of sunshine in my life. Their kindness makes me feel protected and like someone is looking out for me."

Sweet Louise is New Zealand’s only dedicated support service to women whose breast cancer is terminal - but receives zero government funding.

Everything depends on the kindness of Kiwis like you.

Together we can offer the support that Tania and her family need to create precious memories.